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Alexander Sprekenhus Hair Elixir is an Argan oil treatment for all hair types.

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The Hair Styling Elixir is an Argan Oil Treatment for all hair types.This Alexander Sprekenhus formula softens the hair and helps you to accheive those beautiful, healthy locks.

Using the amazing abilites of the Argan Oil, this product Instantly absorbs into thehair, eliminates frizz and speeds up the styling time by 40 %

• Revives hair
• Strengthens and conditions
• Fights frizz and dryness
• Protects against heat
• Reduces hair drying time
• Provides long-term conditioning to all hair types



One of those creative nights with music, art, red-wine and of course the camera. Just wanted to show you one of the latest things I´ve been working on. Namely, L ´huile parfum, which essentialy is the oil from perfumes in it´s concentrated form. This is special to me, because I love the purity that comes with working with the oil only. Also, our small 7,5ml. bottles have a roll on application, suitable for pulsating areas. All scents have been updated even if they carry some of the same names. The first scent to be published is alluring and enigmatic. With its seducive embrace, Key Largo welcomes you into a vibrant universe inspired by excess euphoria and late night dining. Key Largo L´huile parfum - Alexander Sprekenhus Key Largo L´huile parfum - Alexander Sprekenhus

Jonathan David Varcoe

Friend, model & visual artist. Well, there you have it. David-Varcoe-Heartbreak-Model-395x528


After some intellectual conversations and creative discussions we found that it would have been extremely fascinating to have a look at Alexander Sprekenhus from a deep and artistic perspective. Art, music and brands can be coherent and interesting to follow. That is why Jonathan figured he wanted to try out this motive, with his imagination growing while going at it. Have a look and enjoy his work!

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