On a Friday morning there are possibilities. Especially when three enthusiastic and positive people get together to brainstorm. It´s not about throwing out ideas, we are about doing it. So in the following months we will try to realise the special things we´ve come across, and we hope you´ll like it. Until next time!


Alexander Sprekenhus & Josefine
Alexander Sprekenhus


Here is a picture of the Alexander Sprekenhus table from NR.9´s re-opening party. Loving the vibe in that store!

Alexander Sprekenhus




Now we are entering a new phase of the year, which is a lot warmer. This builds different needs for care. Basically, the skin and hair will face different temperatures and so will your your senses. Staying hydrated is important both within and without, and I promise that we will try to help you do it the natural way. We are saying hello to the summer with some pictures, and mom, the lunch money I got, I spent it on something completely else. Stonebackground Alexander Sprekenhus ALEXBWAlexander Sprekenhus lineupAlexander Sprekenhus AurishårAlexander Sprekenhus


Finally. The day is here. I´ve been waiting for this day for a very long time. The official launch of the Volume Products. 06.30 out for a run with the sunrise behaving perfectly like always, the phone rang, and the goods´ll be here around 11 o´clock. So now I´m ecstatic about it and will launch the product with a huge marketing campaign with bloggers, salons and digital chemistry.

Love this day!

Alexander SprekenhusIMG_0361


It has been three years in the making now, and we are climbing to new levels of great impulses both in and out. The response on our chosen path, that is far away from conformity certainly makes a fine statement. We are very enthusiastic about the future, and bold enough to take even further steps into becoming something completely different, without any compromises. Soon our volume products are back in stock, a new planned nutrition bomb is in the lab getting ready and we are continuously developing  a dynamic and sleek online representation. I hope you are ready for what is coming, because we are not stopping.


We love how Sara Strand is staying winter fresh with our Body Care products. Read her full blog hereAlexander Sprekenhus


Also, moving forward we are excited to see how the world moves towards a more natural way of taking care of the body. We like!


Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Srpekenhus IMG_1348


We decided to upgrade our delivery profile, personalising labels before print and sealing all types of packages with stickers. No need to wonder why, it certainly is a more modern way of delivery making shopping personal again. The rigid brown colour, or even our white boxes are complimentary to our brown bottles and white labels. Also, our investments in our own thermal printer even allows us to make personalised labels for special orders very soon, but I will get back to that. The art of delivery for us, is all about feeling secure, well handled and direct communication.

We deeply value the art of delivery – enjoy your unique package sealed by hand, with love.

The bunch of Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus


Over the ground just for some seconds these days, with so much great ingredients around me, I ought to be happy. And the people off course. We are steadily developing our direction and because we are a little company, we get to choose EVERYTHING ourselves. We wake up and have to be bold, because we know that it´s going to be a trip that is going to take us on new adventures. Somehow, being bold does not work without being concentrated and the results usually comes out great.

Right now we are discussing our new Smudge Pot Gel Liner, and we were so happy to see that it is Maja also loves it, here´s her interpretation of it:

Read her blog here. 

Photo by Maja Casablancas:

Alexander Sprekenhus Smudge Pot Gel Liner