The reward of all the hard work is in seeing a product complete in it´s form, shape and design. We wish to share our vision through the experience of our products. We´ve been working hard on getting closer to our core. Our inner glow and enthusiasm has led the way. And right now we are very happy to unfold more of our new design, profiling and formula´s. We stay determined!  IMG_6080

The Journey of a Product – Part 1

The journey of creating a product seem so far away when gazing upon the finished item. How did we really get here? – Get to the point where this wonderful little bottle filled with promises fit perfectly into your hand – and hopefully also into people’s daily routines?

It all starts with an idea. Alexander Sprekenhus started first and foremost with a frustration; A frustration over the lack of a really good product. My frizzy hair was all over the place, and so was my dedication and interest to share the experience I had when I was first introduced to the Argan Oil with others. This dedication and interest transformed into what we know today as Alexander Sprekenhus. My point is, the birth of an idea may come from the strangest of places and situations; Sometimes just from the spur of a moment – a tumbling thought suddenly making sense; or it might even just be a hint of a scent that passes you by casually wandering down the streets.

Alexander Sprekenhus


I´m letting you guys in on this early, however I think that it´s too damn exciting to keep you out of it. If you wondered what´s been going on lately, it´s this.

Alexander Sprekenhus - Hydrating ShampooAlexander Sprekenhus - Hydrating ConditionerAAlexander Sprekenhus - Hair Styling Elixir Light AAlexander Sprekenhus - Hair Styling Elixir

It`s been a journey, and after 3 years in the makin we are proud of presenting our new art-direction which brings us forward with a more strict and clean outline. Just how we like it. 

Also, we are not afraid to display our ingredients, because we are proud of them. The way that it is put together makes us gentle, yet effective. 

I´m keeping you guys posted and will let you know about the new design launch asap. 

Here´s a picture I took in my car just after I received the first prototypes. I was stoked, and I wanted to share it with you.IMG_6866 

And now, over to what I´ve been brewing since the dawn of Sprekenhus, a truly amazing shave cream that does not irritate, but gives you that smooth glide and shave.

Alexander Sprekenhus - Natural Shave Cream




Short description

A low-foaming cream formulated for maximum slip, suited to all skin types

Product information

The Sprekenhus Natural Shaving Cream maximum slip texture assists in achieving a razor-close shave while its skin-calming properties spare skin the irritation commonly caused by shaving. The Natural Shave Cream´s inclusion of Argan Oil softens and hydrates skin.

  • Enables a full–bodied, magnificently smooth shave
  • Provides a rich after–feel
  • Formulated for all skin types

Alexander Sprekenhus - Natural Shave Cream Alexander Sprekenhus - Natural Shave Cream Alexander Sprekenhus - Natural Shave Cream



Now it´s been some long days getting everything in place for the new season and evenings and weekends are all filled with creativity and progress. It feels good to move forward and  having so much to present the next months including some new design and products. 

Here´s some pictures from the past weeks!

Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus

Revolutionary Ways


Innovation is always inspiring, and so was the visit of the revolutionary winery “Petra”; Uniting the traditional ways of handcrafted preciseness with the powers of new technology and modern aesthetics. Inspiration was found, even though subjects of business are quite different. Being agile and certain about quality are things we value and our thoughts of this matter was enhanced during this visit. In the end
it is all about the experience.
Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus

Alexander Sprekenhus



Another beautiful day in Italy. Exploration is a big part of broadening the mind. One of the greatest luxuries of having a job with a portable office is that it gives me the opportunity to call any part of the world my office. Today’s spot was the beautiful Porto Ercole, another “charming-Tuscan-village”. What I like about Porto Ercole is that there are few tourists, and lots of culture which makes it the perfect experience. No clicking camera´s or tourist buses (just us, almost blending in).

Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander Sprekenhus Alexander SprekenhusAlexander Sprekenhus