What is light? Not all questions needs a verbal answer, here´s the result.

We have a natural agent that allows for us to see.  Both mysterious and convenient.

What is light? We can see how light carries itself when a beam goes through a dust-filled room or when a rainbow appears. It´s beautiful and carries energy and warmth. Einstein asked “if one runs after light and manage to catch up, what happens?”. It might not be that easy to answer, but as a tribute to light we have tried to display some of its beautiful characteristics letting it enforce our minimalist contrast-rich design. We hope you enjoy it enough to have a look.

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A new visual presentation

We present a new perspective and new look on our pack-shots to symbolise the ever so great effort to exert the best thoughts and ideas we have as visuals. This time we have had a collaboration with a 3D artist that have helped us define our product line in a graphic sense, using technology and design to capture the essence of our look. We believe this new and modern approach takes us closer to the reality than photography. It is made for your enjoyment and exploration as you move through each and every one of our new visuals. 190ml_Balancing_toner190ml_Face_Cleanser100ml_ParfumComb60ml_Argan_Oil60ml_Hair_elixir_60ml_Hair_elixir_light118ml_Detangler236ml_body_lotion236ml_Body_oil236ml_BodyCleanser236ml_conditioneer236ml_Hand_Soap236ml_hand236ml_Hidrating_Shampoo236ml_shave500ml_Hand_Lotion500ml_hand_wash500ml_shampooBody_butterEye_creamFace_CreamHair_pasteHidratating_mask500ml_conditioneer