In todays stressful environment it´s easy to lose focus on setting your priorities straight. Trying to rely on willpower alone to reach all your goals can be exhausting. By employing healthy and good habits you can tune into autopilot to overcome day-to-day challenges. If you condition yourself to great thinking, eventually it will become easier to follow your dreams.

One of the greatest habits for me is to wake up early in the morning, grab a glass of cold water, get 30 minutes of exercise, and then go for a chill shower. After that I have made it a power-habit to spend some personal time for grooming; I shave, apply facial oil and deodorant, cleanse my skin and apply body lotion. The hair also needs attention!

All this things make the rest of the day easier, because I´ve done some small wins prior to embarking on the every-day challenges. Once I´ve done it enough times it doesn’t require a lot of effort and the results are amazing.