White marble pedestal

Product information

With its cool touch and natural elegance, our white marble pedestal is an ideal presentation piece for our 236 ML. amber bottles.Organic variations in the marble endow each piece with unique beauty that’s further highlighted by smooth hand polishing. Each piece is handcrafted of solid white marble and smoothed by hand to a lustrous finish.

Variations in color and pattern are consistent with the unique beauty of natural marble and make each pedestal one of a kind.

Extra information

Width: 20cmHeight: 2cm

Length: 14,5cm

Hand-wash with mild soap and water.

Towel-dry with soft cloth.

Do not place in the dishwasher or submerge in water.


A limited amount of pieces are available here.


Although summer is filled with the benefits of being able to make the most of the great outdoors, increased sunlight, water pursuits and soaring temperatures inevitably take their toll on skin and hair, even for those who are well prepared.

How to get yourself back to pre-summer condition? Grooming expert and founder of eponymous Norwegian brand, Alexander Sprekenhus, gives us his tips for reviving damaged skin and hair after a season in the sun.

Alexander Sprekenhus Skincare

Alexander Sprekenhus is a grooming expert and founder ofAlexander Sprekenhus

Men's grooming Alexander Sprekenhus 1

What is your typical grooming regime, does this change during the summer months?

My personal grooming regime is quite simple. I only use products necessary to keep me fresh, the things that require little or no hassle. To stay clean I use shampoo, body wash and facial cleanser. I follow up by applying some pure Argan oil to my face and style my hair with a hair paste.

The only real difference during the summer months is how much body lotion I apply.

What’s the best way to keep flaking skin to a minimum?

I try to stay away from the long tanning sessions and if I go for a swim in the ocean I shower off sea salt. Also, I always wear sunscreen.

Alexander Sprekenhus Men's Grooming

What’s the easiest way to rehydrate skin after a summer in the sun?

Adding body oil into your water while in the bathtub or applying some body lotion after finishing showering leaves your skin rehydrated. Either way, I never go a day without applying some 100% pure Argan oil to my face.

What’s the best way to apply moisturiser, how much is too much?

Balance the amount of lotion you apply, don’t overdo it. I’d rather gradually apply more layers over time than one thick layer.

How can hair be restored to its healthiest after being under the sun’s drying rays?

Using conditioner and Argan oil is a great way of regaining a natural and healthy look for hair. In addition a good hair mask can restore shine and strength when hair has been through a rough (but great) summer.

Men's Grooming Alexander Sprekenhus 2

What’s the one grooming essential that no man should be without?

I think it’s a lot about how you make it work, but a great hair paste is a standalone essential that allows for personalization and excellent grooming. Searching for that one hair paste that has the feel and scent you want is always a bonus too.

What are your top grooming tips?

Always groom while damp, not wet or dry. To me that’s the easiest way of achieving my best look and feel.

Discover Alexander’s complete haircare and grooming range at

The Best of May


Summer is soon upon us and we can’t help but feel excited, though this time of year might present some challenges in keeping those beautiful locks strong, hydrated and healthy. After long sunny days on the beach or in the pool your hair will most likely show signs of the tear – brittle and dry split ends crying for attention and care.

We believe that the best cure for summer-exhausted hair is prevention. This might sound like a hassle, but don’t worry! Our Hair Styling Elixir based on Argan Oil is specially designed to nourish and protect your hair, and repair if the damage already occurred.

The Argan oil is well known for its many wonderful benefits – Amongst them is its richness in vitamin E and natural UV protection. When applied to hair, it prevents drying and damage caused by exterior factors (like sun, environment, and heat) by coating the hair shaft.

Now, the ritual itself is rather easy. Apply the desired amount to towel-dry hair, and you are good to go!

 For a more fine hair texture, we have developed the Hair Styling Elixir Light

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